Sourced for you from tvnz my The NZ immigration consultant.

The Immigration Amendment Bill passed its third reading in Parliament today. 13 June 2013

The Bill contains measures that will deter people-smuggling into New Zealand according to Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse.

“New Zealand will now have the legislation needed to effectively manage a mass arrival of asylum seekers,” he said.

“New Zealand is a growing target for boats from Asia, as demonstrated recently by the Geraldton boat carrying 66 Sri Lankan asylum seekers, which was on its way to New Zealand when bad weather struck.”

The legislation defines a “mass arrival” as being more than 30 people. It allows those who are part of a mass arrival to be detained for up to six months.

The detention period could be extended for up to 28 days at a time if a District Court Judge says it is necessary.

Supporting changes include limits on family reunification and reassessment of a claimant’s refugee status after three years and before a person can apply for permanent residence.

Immediate family can only be sponsored once the person is approved residence, but extended family will be ineligible to be sponsored.

Woodhouse said the Immigration Amendment Act is part of a wider package of work under way by the Government to disrupt and deter people smuggling ventures from targeting New Zealand.


However, Amnesty International says New Zealand risks breaching its domestic and international human rights obligations by introducing the Bill according to its 2013 global report on the state of the world’s human rights.

Executive Director of Amnesty International in New Zealand Grant Bayldon said that rather than creating concerning legislation which risks breaching rights in the name of national security, “New Zealand should be part of the solution, leading by example to provide genuine protection to those who need it”.