Did you know that English language requirements for New Zealand (NZ) Immigration vary depending on what type of application you are making:

Take a look below for more information (correct as at March 2013).

Skilled Migrant – The minimum English requirement must be met by the Principal applicant, as well as any Non-Principal applicants (ie, Principal applicant’s partner and any dependent children aged 16 and older)

Investor, Entrepreneur and Long Term Business Visa -There are separate requirements for Principal and Non-Principal applicants for Investor category of Migrant Investment policies.

Residence from Work – English language requirements will depend on which particular Residence from Work visa (e.g Religious Worker) you apply for
Samoan Quota and Pacific Access – The Principal applicant must meet this requirement, as assessed by their immigration officer during the residence application process

Parent Category – All applicants must meet a minimum English language requirement.

Student visa – Immigration NZ does not set any English language requirements for students. Some Education Providers (especially at tertiary level) require a certain level of English before an offer of place will be given to you. You should contact your school/institute for more information on this

Work visa – Immigration NZ does not set any English language requirements for workers, however, a certain level of English will be expected so that you can undertake your employment in NZ. The level required will depend on your employer’s requirements and the job description. Your immigration officer will need to be satisfied that your level of English is sufficient to perform your duties correctly and this will be assessed during your application process.

Moving to a new country is an upheaval in itself. Navigating through the requirements of an immigration authority can be stressful.

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